Construction Loan LTV/AVR 31% Olivehurst, California

SKU: FTD-1080-C
Property type: SFR


Loan purpose

Borrowers started construction but ran out of capital at 75% completed. Funds will be used to complete construction and receive an occupancy permit.


ARV Appraised Value: $345,000

Protective Equity: $234,000

Loan-to-value-Appraisal: 31%

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With over nineteen years of experience in finance, real estate, and private money lending, Kevin coordinates Business Development at Twin Rivers Capital. I bring a knowledge and affinity for the industry. Every client deserves the most attentive, professional, and honest advocate in their corner and that is what I strive to provide. I look forward to working with you on this transaction as well as being your resource for the future and for your family and friends.